E36 5.0 conversion parts

E36 5.0 Engine Mounts: $169

These engine mounts let you drop the engine in one time, saving countless hours and headaches in your 5.0 V8 conversion.  
- No cutting, hammering, drilling, or welding required
- Uses the existing E36 engine mount holes on the crossmember
- No brake booster or firewall modifications required
- Engine is centered in the car for optimum weight balance
- Places the 5.0 high enough to clear the stock steering rack and engine crossmember
- Places the 5.0 low enough to clear the hood with 5.0 EFI intake
- Places the engine rearward as far as possible
- Clears the steering shaft!
- Allows plenty of room to run exhaust under the mount but above the subframe
- Requires E30 325 (polyurethane mounts recommended, not included, but available from Ireland Engineering or AKG Motorsport)
- Material: beefy tube steel and angle
- This is the 6th generation in redesigning these mounts.  They should be strong enough for any application.
- Finish: Bare steel
moutns   50 mounts
pass side   
Driver's side BMW E36 5.0 V8 motor mount - clears the steering shaft!   

E36 T5 Transmission Crossmember: $109

This transmission mount mates the T5 manual transmission to the E36 chassis without welding, cutting or fabrication.  
- No cutting, hammering, drilling, or welding required
- Low-profile flat plate provides maximum clearance for exhaust
- Uses existing transmission crossmember holes
- To be used with our engine mounts and T5 transmission from 87-95 Ford Mustang 5.0
- Uses stock T5 rubber mount (not included)
- Material: 3/16" steel
- Finish: Bare steel
- Can be used for other transmissions! Large area provided for alternate hole locations.
- Holes provided for exhaust supports

moutns   pass side   drivers side

E36 5.0 Conversion Manual: $69

Our conversion manual shows step-by-step how to perform the 5.0 swap.  Details include:
- Complete list of parts needed, including prices, part numbers, photos, and vendors
- BMW engine removal
- 5.0 Engine/transmission preparation
- Easy wiring instructions
- Power steering details
- Air conditioning details
- Alternator, starting, & charging details
- Exhaust routing
- Driveshaft instructions
- ABS modifications
- Clutch modifications
- Radiator details
- Details and routing for fuel lines, coolant lines, air intake, etc.
- Tips for easy 5.0 power upgrades
- 5.0 maintenance items
- 5.0 troubleshooting and engine codes
- Over 200 pages and 150 high-resolution photos

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