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It's time to get some serious power under the hood of your BMW for less than you think.  Not dyno-queen power - reliable, cheap, proven American V8 power.
(More videos located at http://www.youtube.com/user/E36V8 )

Power on a budget

The BMW E36 has great suspension, big brakes, great weight distribution, and stiff chassis.  However,  increasing power on a BMW engine comes at great expense:  Forced induction kits, expensive parts, "money shifts", and the ever-present "BMW markup".  Don't worry, because we've come up with a way to gain power without busting your wallet - the Ford Mustang 5.0 is the perfect solution for maximum power on a minimum budget.  It's cheap, powerful, and we make it easy to swap in your BMW.  Our E36 5.0 conversion parts help you convert your car for less than you think.

You supply a 1992-98 BMW E36, a Ford Mustang 5.0 engine, and the Mustang T5 manual transmission.  We supply the motor mounts, transmission crossmember, and a conversion manual.  You'll have to buy some bits and pieces to make it work, but we tell you exactly what you need and where to get it cheap. 

What makes this engine swap budget-friendly?

- The 5.0 is cheap & plentiful - you can get the whole drivetrain & ECU for less than $1,000
- 5.0 power upgrades are cheap and fun
- You can sell your BMW drivetrain for more than the 5.0 drivetrain!!!
- You can use Mustang shorty headers - turned backwards to miss the steering shaft
- You use the stock steering shaft - no custom steering shaft required
- You will use off-the-shelf parts to keep cost down
- You can even reuse a 325, 328, or M3 exhaust!

5.0 Swap cost breakdown

For a complete cost breakdown and a budget for your swap, click here to download a free planning guide.

Horsepower alternatives

When you look at the costs of adding horsepower to the E36, it adds up quickly:
- BMW OBD2 to OBD1 conversions start at $1,000
- Manual transmission conversions start at $1,500
- M3 engines cost upwards of $3,000
- Custom BMW camshafts start at $1,000
- Forced induction kits start at $7,000
- LS1 drivetrains cost $5,000 or more
- LS1 conversions cost $12,000 or more

Weight Considerations

The Ford 5.0 is very close to the weight of the M52 six-cylinder engine.  Both weigh around 480-500 pounds fully dressed with accessories, transmissions, and oil.  Toss some aluminum heads on there to save about 50 lbs (and add up to 100 horsepower).

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